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Edgar Montano Edgar Montano Follow Jan 01, 2019 · 7 mins read
About Me
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Audio Engineer, Software Engineer, and Linux Enthusiast.

Programming has drastically changed my life. It cultivated the way I think, enhanced the way I approach problems, and gave meaning to my life.

Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.

Linus Torvald

How I got here

I remember the sound the mechanical keys made when you typed on them; the tactile bump letting you know that you pressed an input. The churn and screech the modem will make when you were connecting to the internet, this is was of course back in the AOL-era of internet. I remember the lush sound of the startup sequence on Windows 98. This was my first computer I’ve personally had. I was eager to explore a world beyond my understanding. My passion for computers thrive the first moment I connected to the internet and was able to visit my favorite websites to play games (flashed base of course). It would take several minutes to load the browser, another several minutes to connect to the website, and finally a few more minutes to load up the game. Both my passion and patience was tested with this lengthy process, and my ardor for technology developed.

The more I explored technology, the more I had a desire to learn. I soon yearned to develop my own programs, similar games to those of which I had played. (Nethack in particular). I began researching ‘best programming language.’ This was during a time prior to our massive resources, websites, videos… my research resulted in C/C++.

My first language therefore was C++ when I was around 12 years old. Learning a language was both exciting and frustrating, mainly the later. I soon became eager to expand my knowledge of programming, beyond depths I was able to comprehend. I wanted to write elegant code, artistic annotations of comments on each of my functions; Likewise I wanted my function signatures to look cryptic but convey meaning, just like all modern art, you have to stare compulsively to fully embrace its meaning. I soon researched ‘best set of programming tools.’ This key phrase yielded one answer unanimously… Linux.

Unfortunately I was not as well informed about Linux, and it’s various distrobutions. I scoured the internet to find a place to ‘buy a copy’ of Linux, unaware that Linux is a completely free and Open Source Operating System. I came across SuSe Linux Enterprise Edition. As a child I had no primary source of income, however eager to advance my programming to the next level I laboriously worked to save enough money to buy myself a copy of SuSe Linux. I remember the various odd jobs around the house and neighborhood I engaged in, in order to pay for SuSe… and after SuSe arrived in the mail, I felt as if my endeavours finally paid off.

Along with my copy of SuSe, I got a general use manual. This manual became my bible. I religiously read this manual, front to back. I remember bringing it with me no matter where we go, on one such occasion I even brought it with me to a water park. Of course I left the manual in the car so it doesn’t get drenched and therefore no longer viable as a source of knowledge.

Ironically the manual was rather straight forward. It demonstrated the basic UI, and basic applications. It didn’t go into detail about how to navigate the terminal, or use special tools. Despite this, I still maintained it as a sacred item. This book represented my aspiration into a new world. A world of Linux.

Of course, dual booting SuSe wasn’t entirely straight forward, however once I finally got it loaded up I noticed ond fundamentally flaw, this flaw was a recurring flaw between Linux distrobutions at the time (and occasionally still is) … wireless drivers.

I was able to setup my SuSe Linux machine, but did not have the proper wireless drivers. I scoured the internet for a solution, and nearly every source yielded one result: connect to ethernet to update drivers. This was not an option for me, so my SuSe Linux machine was rendered useless.

At this time I joined a forum, it’s community brimming with hackers, programmers, and linux enthusiasts. It was here I finally discovered Linux was Open Source and therefore free. I was recommended to try to install Debian in place of my SuSe Linux. I heistated to do so, contemplating a long time on whether or not I should. Finally I caved in for my desire to get started using Linux. Debian’s installation process was a bit more involved compared to SuSe Linux. After a lengthly process I finally had Debian running. Unfortunately, I encountered the same issue… I needed to install wireless drivers that were not made available.

At this time Ubuntu surged as a new contestant in the ring. It was a relatively new distrobution, however the most important part here, Ubuntu provided the drivers I needed. Eagerly I downloaded Ubuntu, and began the install process. It was by far the easiest and most user-friendly Linux distro I’ve had used at that point.

I’ve never been more excited in my life to see a wireless icon in the right hand corner of my screen to appear. This moment drove me to the ardor for computers I have today. It inspired me to expand my knowledge of technology, but more importantly, it gave me the willpower to keep going forth. To never give up despite all adversity.

My ardor for Linux and the customization it offered me, allowed me to develop an environment that felt like my own. No longer was I tied to the shackles and limits of my Operating System. I could perceivably do whatever I desired, my computer became an extension of myself in a way, representing all the ideologies I stood for, such as keeping things simple and efficient. This moment will eventually lead to designing my own child friendly Linux distrobution meant to help teach children how to use computers. It would lead to my passion for programming, and would eventually give meaning to my life… I woke up each morning with great joy to sit down at my desk, and code.

Till this day, I still use Linux as my main Operating System when it comes to programming and generally being productive. I currently have Linux Mint (an Ubuntu derivative) installed on my main PC, and Arch Linux installed on my MacBook air.

$ whoami

I am a NYU graduate with a degree in Computer Science. I’ve been programming since 12, and still continue to do so till this day. I am a former Fullstack Engineer at RustyTub IT Solutions Inc, I’ve also worked at several other companies as a Freelance, Consultant, and Senior Software Engineer, in addition to starting my own Record Label in which I am the Chief Audio Engineer at… But more importantly, I am an entrepreneur.

I am also a strong supporter of the Open Source community. While most of my code I produce is commericialized, I do try to contribute back to the community. All my Open Source code is hosted on my Github.

You’ll find most successful software engineers are entrepreneurs. This is somewhat natural, since our ardor for our field gives us the passion and energy to succeed. This is why I have started this website, to help cultivate my passion for what I do into one single resource so anyone can easily access. To further that, I have decided to make this project Open Source. All corresponding source code for each post will also be made available free to download. I encourage users to fork my posts to their own blog (however I do ask that my name is maintained as the author of the article).

I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the world, contribute back to society in a meaningful way, hopefully this blog achieves exactly that.

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Edgar Montano
Written by Edgar Montano Follow
Audio Engineer, Software Engineer, and Linux Enthusiast.